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The memorial went as planned. The weather was perfect. Thanks to all who participated

During August, a small show of Ellen's work can be seen in the window of the Badlands Gallery (more) in Drumheller.

During September 2014, a show of Ellen's work, -- small gods of the alphabet -- never before on public display -- will be featured in the Drumheller Municipal Library Gallery.

Memorial for Ellen Dick

1:00 PM, Saturday August 9, 2014
at the Swalwell Cemetery

 Everyone is welcome

1:00 PM: Meet at the Swalwell Cemetery at 1 PM for an informal 30 - 45 minute outdoor gathering. Reminisce and place flowers, say a few words, enjoy the view...  Dress is informal and chairs will be available for those who cannot stand.

Afterwards, participants will make their way back to Swalwell, following signs by Mckenzie and Kalle or by an alternate route passing the Swalwell Dam County Park, stopping there to relax and observe wildlife.

2:30 PM: Meet indoors at the Swalwell Hall for snacks, further visiting, and to enjoy Ellen's paintings in the hall and the historical murals that Ellen and the local ladies painted on the walls of the curling rink.

After the snacks and visiting at the hall, and weather permitting, family and friends are invited back to The Old Schoolhouse for a casual afternoon lawn party.  Soft drinks provided. BYOB.

Please check this page on the morning of the memorial
for any last-minute announcements

In case of bad weather, or muddy roads, we will go directly to the Swalwell Hall at 1:00 PM and the memorial will be held there, indoors, since the back roads and cemetery parking will be muddy, but the paved Swalwell access roads will be fine.

Any outdoor further activity will be decided and announced at that time, and any wishing to brave the back roads may drive down to the cemetery on their own.

GPS Co-ordinates:

Typing the above numbers (accurately) into Google Maps on a smartphone will take you there.  You can leave off the symbols, but do type in the N and W

Swalwell Cemetery:  5131'29.77"N  11318'33.01"W
Swalwell Hall:   5133'22.16"N  11319'16.58"W

The Old Schoolhouse:  5133'37.57"N  11318'54.29"W

Click the map (above right) for a Bing Map which may or may not show the locations and give directions on all devices.  It seems to work on the all browsers I have tried, except Android.

This map works on most devices -- Swalwell Cemetery:

Check back here for any last-minute changes.  Write or call if you have questions or need more information.  My old landline is now disconnected, but I always have my cellphone with me. If you don't know the number, which I do not publish on web pages, please use this form.

Everyone who knew Ellen, even casually, is welcome.  Please come, and be included.

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